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Divine Deity

I paint Deity Portraits of healers, light workers, dark workers, children, and those who are passing.

I am a life long fan of religious folk art, fantasy art, and ancient spiritual depictions of mythical creatures, gods and goddesses. I started this work two years ago as a way to connect people to the Royal, Divine Deity within them. I first saw this work as a personalized art piece depicting the God Image of you as a visual vehicle for self worship.

Overtime it became clear to me that I was seeing images of guides, beings, guardian angels that wanted to connect with the client. The portraits are not direct depictions of the clients, but rather, a combination of the etheric influencing energies and unique creative expressions at work in your life.

A deity portrait is a way for you to access the divinity within you in depiction, to be used on an Altar or as a Personal Mandala.

This work is very powerful for healers & people who are in touch with their own personal kind of magick.

I have an intake process where I interview the client, take into account the energies, influences, guides, and frequency of Magick they are creating in, and then I see an image. I paint through layers and layers of shadow until a face emerges and when it does, it comes alive. A lot of Magickal messages, symbols, and insight comes through for the client and I provide a one hour reading of the painting and the client’s energy upon delivery.

I still hear from clients I painted for a year ago that continue to get downloads, wisdom, and transmissions from working with their Divine Deity Artwork.

The Cost of the Divine Deity Creation is $1100, it includes two one hour sessions with me. One healing, and one reading (valued at $500). If you are interested in commissioning a Portrait, fill out the questionnaire below, pay the deposit and book an intake session with me.

  • Deposits are non-refundable, meaning if I start work on the piece and the balance isn’t paid, I don’t issue a refund. Artwork will not be delivered until paid in full but I absolutely work out payment plans. Cost of Creation does not include shipping.*

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