Wolves and Wands


Soul Portraits


This is a soul portrait that I finished up for a client a couple of weeks ago.

In my artwork, there are many layers and dimensions represented, you can see the soul essence of this client expressed as a forest guardian (and she is). She has spirals of abundance emanating from her hands, set in an enchanted forest with magical spells inscribed into the fabric of its space. Jewels, deep roots, meadows.......I love the way this piece turned out. 

When I paint a Soul Portrait, I call in and channel the energies and beings that work with my client. I see an image that represents them and paint it. I never know what is going to be created and the process is very enjoyable!

The purpose of this work is to honor and represent all the dimensions that we are. When you take an essence or thought and bring it into existence in this dimension, you are also creating magic.

I see these Soul Portraits as a portal for each client to tune into their unique frequency and access a special source of personal power. Visualization and imagination is your magic.