Wolves and Wands



Wolves & Wands is the name of the Design Studio I created to express my love of art and good web design. 

I am a visual person. For me, there is nothing that makes me feel less interested purchasing a product or working with a company I come across online, than an outdated, sad looking website.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and creatives create beautiful, interactive websites. One of the most important lessons I have learned after 10 years of managing and creating websites, is that business owners need to be able to make edits and manage websites on their own long term. If not, you end up spending huge amounts of money every time you need to update. I choose to create sites on the Squarespace platform for that reason. After many years of managing my ownWordpress sites, I found the templates restrictive as my businesses evolved over time. This is simply my preference, I am happy to build out Wordpress sites for clients if they prefer the platform. 

Flora Moon Design Studio is a division of Multidimensional Development LLC.

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